Deliveries of your meals

Agde Luxury Services in partnership with the restaurant LE MAGELLAN in Cap D'Agde, offers delivery to your home or workplace.

No additional cost.

Deliveries are made for lunch and dinner in the towns of Agde, Cap d'Agde, Grau d'Agde, Marseillan plage & Vias.

Please book in advance before 3:00 p.m. the day before .

Le Magelan.jpg


- Dish of the day: 9.90 € incl.

- Dish and dessert of the day: 12.90 € incl.

- Entry of the day, main course and dessert: 16.90 € incl.

- Gastronomic menu: 25.90 € incl.

Delivery request

A confirmation email will be sent to you for acceptance

Payment on site via credit card, cash, restaurant ticket, holiday voucher.