Corporate concierge by ALS

  • A concierge in this business or reachable remotely, responsible for carrying out on behalf of employees of many daily services

  • Services billed at market prices and performed at no additional cost

  • A responsible Concierge service that works primarily with traders, artisans and local associations.

  • A concierge area, according to the chosen formula, placed in a place of natural traffic for employees, fitted out and equipped in a friendly way

  • A generous range of services which is constantly enriched

  • A varied and effective annual communication plan

  • Regular events that bring something new and bring the Conciergerie to life



Prices and pricing

For the employee :

  • No registration fees, subscription costs or entry fees. Free and free access to the Concierge services

  • Services are performed at no additional cost or additional fee-for-service

  • Many services integrated into the operation of the Conciergerie A.L.S are free

  • The prices of the services are those of the local market made up of local merchants and short circuits

  • Payment methods offered: cash, credit card, check, end of month direct debit with statement and details of monthly consumption

For the business :

  • The company covers the annual operating cost of the Conciergerie according to the formula chosen

  • The company takes care of the initial investments linked to the setting up of the Conciergerie (layout and equipment of the Conciergerie area, launch communication)

Turnkey project management with ALS :

Once the diagnosis of your needs has been made, a finalized offer is proposed. When the Conciergerie project is validated, we put in place the tailor-made design of your Conciergerie which is articulated in several phases:


  • Establishment study, development plans:

      We work with a developer who helps us to design a turnkey space, according to the needs of               each site.


Our Conciergeries are built around several spaces:

Open entrance, meeting place and conviviality, information space to discover and wait, counter to listen, transmit and create, mini-boutique, discreet space for personalized workshop, wellness areas, hairdressing, aesthetics.


  • Definition of the formula and operating mode (Concierge on site or remotely, number of operating days, hours ...)


  • Development of the service card and retained services


  • Implementation: development, Concierge recruitment, service provider partnerships, communication plan ...


All our support teams are mobilized for the implementation of your Conciergerie.